F.ounders 2011: A Chronicle in Verse

I recently had the privilege of attending F.ounders, a unique event for a select group of tech founders and others from Europe, the US and Asia, held in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland.  In the best Irish tradition of limericks, this is a tribute to the event and its own remarkable founder, Paddy Cosgrave.  (For more on F.ounders, check out The Next Web’s article on the event).

F.ounders 2011
A Chronicle in Verse

While Old Europe stressed over Greeks,
The Irish did “Davos for Geeks”.
The mix was eclectic
And the pace it was hectic.
They’ll be talking about it for weeks.

We started by crawling some pubs
Led by teams of gregarious Dubs.
With two pints of Guinness
Or stronger stuff in us,
We were tempted to head for the clubs.

but instead…
In a booze-induced state of divinity,
The F.ounders converged upon Trinity.
To a beautiful hall
Lined with books wall to wall
Where we steadily grew in affinity.

By the time that we moved on to dinner,
It was clear we were onto a winner.
Don’t look now, but there’s Bono Vox!
And the number of techies here rocks!
Here a Valley guy, there a Berliner.

From there it was back to the Green.
The Horseshoe Bar was a happening scene.
Take some young entrepreneurs,
Add some potent liqueurs,
I’m sure you can guess what I mean…

Nursing hangovers but otherwise unbowed,
We joined with the Mansion House crowd.
Where the panelists waxed vocal
On social and local
And mobile and payments and cloud. 

Would the wonders of F.ounders never cease?
To the Áras, with an escort of police.
We were spellbound by the resident,
Soon-to-be former President,
The remarkable Mary McAleese.

Then on to the Guinness Hopstore,
For fine food and black stuff galore,
With Riverdance inspiration
We succumbed to temptation,
And ended up on the dance floor.

Scott Harrison inspired us with Charity:
Water of purity and clarity.
He held us enchanted
We’d no more take for granted
What flows from our taps with regularity.  

Then dinner under Dublin Castle’s eaves,
Where once were brought rebels and thieves.
But for modern Young Turks,
One of Jim Fitz’s works:
Che Guevara, made entirely of Steves.

And for those of us still on our feet
Off to Krystle, 21 Harcourt Street.
For a mad grand finale
Halloween bacchanal,
A wild drunken Irish trick or treat.

As the day broke we made our return
To our blessed oasis, Shelbourne.
To pack up our things.
We’d been treated like kings.
But it was finally time to adjourn.

F.ounders’ quiet but flawless organization
Showcased Ireland as the top tech location.
While Gaelic hospitality
And easy informality
Cemented a stellar reputation.

But what gives this event its mystique,
You won’t find in any review or critique.
Between the panels and craic,
There was time just to yack.
Conversation made F.ounders unique.

So let’s give a big F.ounders cheer,
For the people who brought us all here.
To Paddy Cosgrave!
And to Daire and Dave!
To the F.ounders team!  See you next year!

Slán agus beannacht libh go léir!

  1. Lovely, a treat to read – a different way of saying – fit for purpose & style – echoing the bards of old. Thanks very much

  2. Kieran said:

    Bravo John! It was a fun time indeed.

  3. mattias Ljungman said:

    Thanks for this John! It was great to catch up in Dublin!

    • John O'Farrell said:

      Mattias, It sure was! Thanks John

  4. Hey John, only just found your blog today. Love the Limerick, brilliant. Your true vocation awaits you.Tell you more when we meet next. Jim FitzPatrick D'artist.

    • John O'Farrell said:

      Jim — glad you liked them! Not ready to give up the day job yet, all the same. Hope to catch up soon, John

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